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Term 2 School Fees

Term 2 School Fees have been emailed and posted out.

Fees are due to be paid in full by Monday 31st May 2021.

Head Lice

Dear Parents/Guardians

Head Lice

There have been new cases of head lice reported. Please check your child/ren’s hair for any sign of nits or lice. A simple way to check is to put a generous amount of conditioner on damp hair and then comb through with a nit comb. The conditioner stuns the lice for about 20 minutes, which gives you time to detect any nits or lice in the hair.

This does not kill them.

This check should be carried out on a regular basis, it is quick, easy and effective.

If detected, you will need to treat the hair with a treatment available from either the chemist or Woolworths.

Mrs Nicky Trinder

K-6 Literacy Celebration


P & F Clothing Pool Open tomorrow

P & F Clothing Pool- OPEN TOMORROW- 27.4.2021 from 3.00-3.30pm

Updated Term 2 Canteen Menu